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Can I register my child now?

Yes, you can register your child for Minor Hockey Association of Lambeth “MHAL” Session 1 programming beginning September 7, 2020. Registration will close September 20, 2020.

If I paid in full for the entire season, should I be expecting a credit?

If you plan to register your child for any of the Sessions this season, your money will be kept in trust and used as a credit towards your account.  Should you decide not to register for any Sessions, please contact the appropriate Registrar for a refund.

Boys Dawn Perani [email protected]

Girls  Cari Wilson [email protected]

BOYS Hockey (OMHA/HCR - Dawn Perani)

a) If I already registered before June 1st, do I have to register again for Session 1?

Yes, you will have to register again.  Whatever you paid before will be credited on your account and the remaining amount for Session 1 will be required.

b) If I registered after June 1st, do I have to register again for Session 1?

Yes, you will have to register again and pay the full amount for Session 1 as you will not have a credit on your account.

GIRLS Hockey (OWHA/QE - Cari Wilson)

Those registrants that have paid the $100 deposit or registered with no deposit wishing to be part of the first session must make the full payment by Sept. 20th.

If my child does not participate in Session 1, can they still participate in Sessions 2 & 3?

Yes, if there is space. All participants must re-register for each session.

Is there a possibility registration can be full before September 20th? 

Yes, but a waitlist will be started. This session MHAL is limited to 25 participants (including bench staff and refs) on the ice and due to other City of London arena closures this season, MHAL’s ice allocation decreased by 10 hours per week.

Can I pre-register for MHAL sessions 2 and 3 programming?

No, we will open a new registration period for each session.

How much will registration cost?

The Session 1 registration is expected to be $350.00  for an 8 week program.

Sessions 2 and 3 registration costs are yet to be determined.

How is the cost of each session determined?

For each session to run the Association must pay for insurance, ice rental, officiating, score sheet recording fees, fees paid to OMHA/OWHA and equipment items. The operating costs are divided by a minimum number of participants needed to register during each Session.   The maximum number of participants is determined by the City of London facilities terms of use guidelines and the London Middlesex County Health Unit.

Why does this season seem more expensive?

Due to the pandemic and related restrictions, there will be changes to how players/groups will practice and compete.  These smaller group sessions means fewer people share the cost of each session.   The costs for refs were budgeted to be paid through gate revenue but since there will be no fans in the stands and we are playing intra-squad, there will be no gate revenue. We anticipate our registration numbers to decline slightly and we expect sponsorship money to be very limited or non existent. The fundraising and volunteer fees will not be collected this year.

What are the minor hockey age categories, and how are they determined?

The minor hockey age categories are:

  • Timbits U7 – for players six years of age or younger

  • U9 – for players seven and eight years of age

  • U11 – for players nine and 10 years of age

  • U13 – for players 11 and 12 years of age

  • U15 – for players 13 and 14 years of age

  • U18 – for players 15, 16, and 17 years of age

  • U21 – for players 18, 19 and 20 years of age

Players are placed into age categories according to what age they will be by December 31 of the current calendar year.

If a player moves into MHAL area, can they register with MHAL (they did not play with us last year)?

New residents within the MHAL boundary can register their players with MHAL.  Please contact the appropriate Registrar for further information.

If a player played House League in West London last season, can they return to Lambeth this season?

Yes, if they are residents within the MHAL boundary and Lambeth is their Home Centre.

If a player has an F1 waiver from an OMHA MHA, can we register them to our roster? 

Players who played on a F1 waiver last year have the option to stay with the same team or return to their home centre. Players who played on a Zone team have the option to stay with last year’s team or return to their Home Centre.

There are no new waivers being issued for the 2020-21 season.

Are we restricted to registering only last year’s players or can we accept anyone who wants to play with us? 

Boys - Associations are restricted to last year’s players. Participants who did not play in Hockey Canada programming last year may register to play for the 2020-2021 season.

Girls - Only players who either played with Lambeth last season or are current Lambeth residents will be able to register.  At this time we will not be accepting new participants outside of Lambeth. Players can opt to join other associations should they wish and should that association be accepting new participants.  Should you decide to join a new association, simply register within the RAMP registration on the new associations site and MHAL will receive notification. 

Can my player receive a Permission to Skate to try-out for AAA?

At this time there are no try outs and OMHA will not  allow the release of players for try outs.

If a player participates with non-sanctioned/private fall hockey, can they also play with MHAL? 

Participants may play in non-sanctioned events and leagues up to September 30, 2020. If they participate past September 30, 2020, they are NOT eligible for Hockey Canada programming for the remainder of the 2020-2021 season. A player cannot be part of two different leagues as they can only be in one 50 player bubble.

To be clear, players registered with Lambeth Minor Hockey may only participate in Skill Development, participation in tournaments and 'Out-Law' leagues is not permitted.

What will rosters look like?

Teams will be rostered to a maximum of 9 players + 1 goalie during Stage 3B. Five (5) Team Officials can be rostered to each team, however, one Coach and one Trainer can be on the bench during 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 games in order to maintain physical distance on the bench.

What will seasonal structure be for the 2020-2021 season?

During Stage 3B, players will be grouped to a maximum of 50 cohorts. The number of 50 refers to players only. Bench Staff are not included in this cohort/bubble.

What about Tryouts? Will there be Representative hockey this year?

During Stage 3B, there will be no traditional representative hockey leagues and no tryouts.  MHAL is looking to tier players based on skill, but this will be determined by each Sessions registrations.

Why is the Initiation Program not being offered in Session 1?

At this stage it is not safe for our young skaters and we cannot offer them the appropriate programming. Coaches are required to stay 6ft from each skater which would be challenging for instruction.  In addition, this age group requires a greater coach to player ratio which is not feasible given the facilities participants restrictions.  Spectators are not allowed in the building during this stage and the support of parents close at hand is needed at this age level. We plan to offer IP during Sessions 2 & 3.


Will there be 5-on-5 hockey?

Following a minimum two-week development phase for any new programs, modified 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 game play with no physical contact may begin. All game play is to be within the London Middlesex Health Unit. All game play must be conducted in conjunction with London Middlesex Health Unit and City of London facility protocol and guidelines.  5-on-5 will not commence until Stage 4 of the OHF Return to Hockey Plan. As of September 1st, we are in Stage 3b.

Will score be kept?

MHAL is currently determining how to best deliver game play programming based on OWHA/OMHA recommendations.  OMHA is currently requiring the score to be recorded and submitted for each 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 game, while OWHA is not.

Will there still be Referees? 

Game officials are required for all game play. 

Are the modified game formats (3-on-3 or 4-on-4) required to be played using modified ice?
U9 & Below is required to be played using a modified ice format.  U10 and above divisions can be played using modified ice or full ice.

MHAL will require all U9 and below programs to play half ice. U10 and above will be played using full ice.


Please refer to the Hockey Canada Safety Guidelines and FAQs for comprehensive information.


Please refer to the City of London Re-Opening Plan for more details.

What will the process be for entering and exiting our arena?

This process has been established by the City of London.  For the Lambeth Arena, there will only be one Entrance/Exit, being the front entrance to the arena.  For Bostwick Arena, all hockey participants  will enter and exit  just to the south of the main entrance.  Once inside, a City of London employee will direct players The main entrance is for YMCA participants only.

Should my player come already dressed to the arena?

Yes, areas for tying skates that are physically distanced will be provided.

Will there be a set of team water bottles available?

No, each player must bring their own labeled water bottle.

Are dressing rooms and washrooms available at the arena?

Two dressing rooms will be provided per rental and all dressing rooms have a limit of 9 people. Please limit dressing room usage to skate tying and have your player come fully dressed to the arena.  While the dressing room showers and washrooms are not to be used, arena washrooms are available - please observe safety protocols.

What if a player needs their parent to tie/untie their skates?

A parent may enter the arena with their child and assist with their skates on a chair outside of the dressing room both before and after the ice time.

How many people can attend with a player?

At this time, to respect the maximum 50 person indoor limit as established by the London Middlesex Health Unit, MHAL is limiting 1 parent/guardian to enter the arena with a player to tie skates. Once the player is ready, the parent/guardian are asked to leave the arena immediately.

How many spectators are allowed for practices and games?

At the current stage, there will be NO spectators in the arena for either practices or games. During the next stage, the City of London will provide direction in regards to the number of spectators and where they may stand/sit.

Are masks required to be worn on the ice?

Masks are not required to be worn on the ice. 

The London Middlesex Health Unit does require masks to be worn in all other locations in the arena, including all common areas and dressing rooms. Lambeth Lancer masks can be purchased at Herms.


Will there be a required pre-screening health check?

Yes, MHAL plans on doing this electronically. There will be information to follow about the selected electronic platform.  City of London staff may have their own screening check as well.

What happens if someone in my cohort/bubble is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Please refer to the Hockey Canada Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines document.

What do I do if my child tests positive for COVID-19?

Keep your child home and out of the hockey environment. It is also important to communicate with your physician and London Middlesex Health Unit, ensuring you follow the steps identified. Please also notify Shannon Conliffe, MHAL Covid Coordinator  [email protected]

What if a parent/family member tests positive for COVID-19? What protocols do we follow?

If a parent or family member tests positive for COVID–19, the player and their family will need to stay out of the hockey environment.  Should the family have more than one child in hockey, all participants must stop all hockey activities. They should contact their physician and London Middlesex Health Unit for instructions. The player(s) will need a note from their physician or London Middlesex Health Unit to return to play. This note needs to be submitted to Shannon Conliffe before the player returns to the ice.

If someone on my child’s team tests positive for COVID-19, will the team be allowed to continue to play hockey?

If someone on your child’s team tests positive, London Middlesex Public Health Unit guidelines will determine contact tracing and isolation requirements. It is possible, therefore, that one diagnosis on a team could lead to that team being required to pause hockey activities until the London Middlesex Public Health Unit determines it is safe to return.

What if my child is sick but does not have COVID-19?

The player should follow up with their physician and the London Middlesex Health Unit line. They will require a note from their physician to return to play.

Will parents be allowed in the stands to watch games?

At this time for Session 1, spectators and parents will not be allowed to watch games.


Are there any additional requirements to be on an OMHA bench this season?

Yes, all bench staff must take an OMHA Covid training course. The link for the course is given below.

Do Minor Hockey Association coaches also have to become certified as a Hockey Canada Licensed Development Specialist to coach small groups of players who were registered for the 2019-2020 season? 

No, MHAL coaches who will be coaching small groups of players according to MHAL approved programming are not required to become certified as a Hockey Canada Licensed Development Specialist. 

Can an Association begin to fundraise for the 2020-2021 season? 

Associations are permitted to begin fundraising. Any association who chooses to begin fundraising should disclose to donors the purpose of them fundraising and outline the uncertainty around the timeframe of the upcoming season. No team based fundraising is available at this time, as no teams have been formed.

Do MHAL coaches also have to become certified as a Hockey Canada Licensed Development Specialist “HCLDS” to coach small groups of players who were registered for the 2019-2020 season? 

No, MHAL coaches who will be coaching small groups of players according to MHAL approved programming are not required to become certified as a Hockey Canada Licensed Development Specialist.

Is a MHAL coach permitted to run private programming without taking the HCLSDP? 

No, a MHA coach is only permitted to operate MHA approved programming without taking the HCLSDP. If the coach is deemed to be operating programming contrary to Ontario’s Emergency Order, Hockey Canada Regulations/Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines or OHF Regulations/Return to Hockey Framework they will be subject to Hockey Canada and OHF disciplinary processes. 

My Minor Hockey Association would like to run on-ice training/programming facilitated by an instructor that was not a registered coach within my Association for the 2019-2020 season, would they be required to become a Hockey Canada Licensed Development Specialist? 

Yes, the instructor would need to be a Hockey Canada Licensed Development Specialist in accordance with the OHF Hockey Canada Licensed Skill Development Program.

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