Organization Contact List (Lambeth Minor Hockey)

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ExecutivePaul SantagapitaPresident
ExecutiveChrista KarrVice President
ExecutiveRichard McDonaldTreasurer
ExecutiveRenee NichollsSecretary
ExecutiveDawn PeraniRegistrar - OMHA Initiation/Rep/Local League teams
ExecutiveSteve KellyRegistrar - OWHA Girls teams
ExecutiveMike SmitRep Team Convenor
ExecutiveDarryl Van SlykeGirls Team Convenor
ExecutiveMandy HumphreyLocal League Team Convenor
ExecutiveDawn PeraniLambton Middlesex Local League Representative
ExecutiveRyan MarcyInitiation Program Co-Convenor
ExecutiveJarod JudsonInitiation Program Co-Convenor
Org StaffChad DunnTyke Convenor 2011
Org StaffBruce ByersReferee Convenor
Org StaffNigel MandigoGate Keeper
Org Staff Chad DunnIce Convenor
Org StaffJon TheurerEquipment Manager
Org StaffNigel MandigoOn-Ice Development Co-ordinator
Org StaffJill MoorePVSC Co-Ordinator
Org StaffKristen McLellanPink/Purple Game Co-ordinator
Org StaffCraig CooperSponsorship Coordinator
Org StaffJeremy deValk and Roger PolgarWebsite Administrators
Org StaffMHAL ONLYE-mail Distribution List
Shamrock - RepMike SmitCompetitive Convenor
LMLL - LocalMandy HumphreyLocal League Convenor
OWHA - GirlsDarryl Van SlykeGirls Hockey Convenor
OWHA - GirlsSteve KellyRegistrar - OWHA Girls teams
Lambeth - HouseRyan MarcyInitiation Program Co-Convenor
Lambeth - HouseJarod JudsonInitiation Program Co-Convenor
House - Tyke Tier 1 (Maroon)Brad EslerHead Coach
House - Tyke Tier 2 (White)Graig RichterHead Coach
House - Tyke Tier 3 (Blue)Matt ConliffeHead Coach
Rep - Novice B RepBrent MooreHead Coach(519) 652-2814 (h) (519) 872-2814 (c)
Rep - Novice B RepRyan MarcyAssitant Coach
Rep - Novice B RepJen MoorhouseManager
Rep - Novice B RepChris PetersonAssistant Coach
Rep - Novice B RepMike SmitTrainer
LMLL - Novice LL 1Brad KuntzHead Coach
LMLL - Novice LL 1Graham DoxtatorTrainer
LMLL - Novice LL 1Shelley KuntzAssistant Coach/Manager
LMLL - Novice LL 1Jenn LickmanTrainer
LMLL - Novice LL 1Adam RennisonAssistant Coach
Girls - Novice C GirlsPaul WilsonHead Coach
Girls - Novice C GirlsJon TheurerTrainer
Girls - Novice C GirlsCari WilsonAss't Trainer
Girls - Novice C GirlsBruno BertucciAss't Coach
Girls - Novice C GirlsCJ IrelandAss't Coach
Girls - Novice C GirlsCyndy BaldacchinoManager
Rep - Atom B RepJohn McVeighHead Coach
Rep - Atom AEChris ThompsonCoach519-203-3456 (h)
LMLL - Atom LL 1Jeremy deValkHead Coach519-777-2214 (h)
LMLL - Atom LL 1Joe KarrTrainer
LMLL - Atom LL 2James StockfordHead Coach
LMLL - Atom LL 2Kevin MendoncaTrainer
LMLL - Atom LL 2Ryan PeraniTrainer
LMLL - Atom LL 2Dawn PeraniManager
Girls - Atom B GirlsEric SlotaHead Coach
Girls - Atom B GirlsAlex MillsonTrainer
Girls - Atom B GirlsScott MillsonAss't Coach
Girls - Atom B GirlsChris EdmistonAss't Coach
Girls - Atom B GirlsKeri Jo PuddicombeAss't Coach
Girls - Atom B GirlsMike StewartAss't Coach519-204-0719 (h)
Girls - Atom B GirlsKelly StewartManager
Rep - Peewee B RepShane BoisvertHead Coach519-652-0876 (h) 519-222-1653 (c)
Rep - Peewee B RepJay LegaultAssistant Coach
Rep - Peewee B RepRob MazzottaTrainer
Rep - Peewee B RepDenise RockManager
Rep - Peewee B RepPaul VossenAssistant Coach
Rep - Peewee AEMatt RobbinsHead Coach519-652-8318 (h)
Rep - Peewee AEKurt HammondManager
Rep - Peewee AERyan LeasaTrainer
Rep - Peewee AEJeff MorrisonOn Ice Coach
Rep - Peewee AEDan SeguinCoach
Rep - Peewee AEJon TheurerOn Ice Coach
Rep - Peewee AETara LausanneManager
LMLL - Peewee LL 1John JeklHead Coach
LMLL - Peewee LL 1Jeremy deValkCoach519-777-2214 (h)
LMLL - Peewee LL 1Russ MorningstarCoach
LMLL - Peewee LL 1Krista GeigerManager
LMLL - Peewee LL 2Chris GeeHead Coach226-448-2245 (c)
LMLL - Peewee LL 2Mike BrookesCoach
LMLL - Peewee LL 2Joe KarrTrainer
LMLL - Peewee LL 2Jeff LessardAss't Trainer/Coach
LMLL - Peewee LL 2Chris PetersonAss't Coach
LMLL - Peewee LL 2Melissa CervinkaManager
Girls - Peewee B GirlsTerry DuffyHead Coach226-927-8997 (c)
Girls - Peewee B GirlsSarah JuusolaTrainer
Girls - Peewee B GirlsAlex MillsonAss't Trainer
Girls - Peewee B GirlsJeff CarrAss't Coach
Girls - Peewee B GirlsDarryl Van SlykeAss't Coach519-200-3369 (h)
Girls - Peewee B GirlsJeff DerbyshireManager
Girls - Peewee C GirlsDave BurkeHead Coach
Girls - Peewee C GirlsKris DowlerTrainer
Girls - Peewee C GirlsBart DowlerAss't Trainer
Girls - Peewee C GirlsJoe HaughianAss't Coach
Girls - Peewee C GirlsMatt Van DommelenAss't Coach
Girls - Peewee C GirlsWesley GilbertManager
Rep - Bantam B RepChris BattersbyHead Coach519-652-6445 (h)
Rep - Bantam B RepBrad MilneTrainer
Rep - Bantam B RepJeff MoirCoach
Rep - Bantam B RepTrevor NottCoach
Rep - Bantam B RepPaul SantigapitaCoach
Rep - Bantam AENigel MandigoHead Coach519-652-3017 (h)
LMLL - Bantam LLJoey ChiricoHead Coach519-652-2305 (h)
Girls - Bantam B GirlsBrent SmithHead Coach
Girls - Bantam B GirlsLaura PomponioTrainer
Girls - Bantam B GirlsDave JohnstonAss't Coach519-203-0129 (h)
Girls - Bantam B GirlsPaul BaileyAss't Coach
Girls - Bantam B GirlsScott SmithAss't Coach
Girls - Bantam B GirlsJoy GambrielManager/Ass't Trainer
Girls - Bantam C GirlsDave RatcliffeHead Coach
Girls - Bantam C GirlsSherry BuchananTrainer
Girls - Bantam C GirlsMelissa BurkeAss't Trainer
Girls - Bantam C GirlsPaul VelemaAss't Coach
Girls - Bantam C GirlsBoris CicovackiAss't Coach
Girls - Bantam C GirlsMandy HindleyManager
Rep - Midget BRob FletcherHead Coach(519) 200-9142 (c)
Girls - Midget B GirlsKen PayneHead Coach
Girls - Midget B GirlsJennifer Stockley-MartinTrainer
Girls - Midget B GirlsLori PayneManager/Assistant Trainer519-860-2405 (c)
Girls - Midget B GirlsGlenn ClarkCoach
Girls - Midget B GirlsDerrick MartinCoach
Girls - Midget B GirlsHayden PayneStaff Member
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