OMHA Residential Boundaries for Lambeth (Lambeth Minor Hockey)

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OMHA Residential Boundaries for Lambeth "Rep" Hockey

If you have registered a player for a Lambeth Minor Hockey "Rep competitive team", then the OMHA rules for "residential boundaries" apply to you.  Lambeth "Rep" hockey teams travel within the "Shamrock" hockey league throughout southwestern Ontario and the OMHA objective for hockey centres that field "Rep" teams is that the players on those teams generally live in the "residential boundaries" of the Hockey Centre they represent.

Note: OMHA Local League (house league) players can play in any centre regardless of residency.

OMHA Residential Boundaries Rep Player Rules (OMHA Regulation 3.3)

Residents living within the restricted boundaries of any centre will not qualify for a release to play representative (or select) hockey in another centre.  Complete details are available in the OMHA Manual of Operations, specifically all of Regulation 3 dealing with player eligibility.

MHAL_OMHA Territory Map

Red Boundaries - Exclusive
: player must play for Lambeth unless released by Lambeth
Yellow Boundaries - Shared: player chooses either LambethPort Stanley or St. Thomas
Green Boundaries - Shared: player chooses either LambethBelmont or St. Thomas
Outside of Boundaries - Right-of-Choice: player chooses closest Centre as per OMHA Reg. 3.4
(i.e. Delaware residents - choice of Lambeth or Mt. Brydges)

Those players in a designated shared area may make a 'Right of Choice Declaration'  if not previously rostered to a representative team or a select team as a rostered player or an affiliated player.  

Please note: Once a 'Right of Choice Declaration' has been made or a player is rostered to a Rep/Select Team with Lambeth Minor Hockey, that player will become part of the restricted area of Lambeth Minor Hockey and will not be granted a release.

OMHA "Residential Boundaries" and "Right-Of-Choice" rules and regulations may also require that you complete more forms (i.e Residential Questionnaire form, Player Transfer form, etc.) as part of the registration process.  Please contact the Lambeth Minor Hockey Registrar at: [email protected] for complete details or to check if these rules apply to your player.